O Horror no cinema brasileiro - CCBB RJ


Dia 21/12 (segunda)– sessão de abertura para convidados
- 20h - O MANÍACO DO PARQUE (2009), de Alex Prado

Dia 22/12 (terça))
- 15h - O JOVEM TATARAVÔ (1936), de Luiz de Barros
- 17h - FANTASMA POR ACASO (1946), de Moacyr Fenelon
- 19h - VENENO (1952), de Gianni Pons

Dia 23/12 (quarta):
- 15h - À MEIA NOITE LEVAREI SUA ALMA (1964), de José Mojica Marins
- 17h - ESTA NOITE ENCARNAREI NO TEU CADÁVER (1967), de. José Mojica
- 19h - ENCARNAÇÃO DO DEMÔNIO (2008), de José Mojica Marins

Dias 24 e 25/12 (quinta e sexta): o cinema estará fechado

Dia 26/12 (sábado):
- 16h - DESPERTAR DA BESTA (1969), de José Mojica Marins.
- 18h - LOBISOMEM, O TERROR DA MEIA-NOITE (1972), de Elyseu Visconti
- 20h - A FORÇA DOS SENTIDOS (1979), de Jean Garrett

Dia 27/12 (domingo):
- 15h - A REENCARNAÇÃO DO SEXO (1981), de Luiz Castilini
- 17h - ENIGMA PARA DEMÔNIOS (1975), de Carlos Hugo Christensen
- 19h - THE RITUAL OF DEATH / RITUAL MACABRO (1991), de Fauzi Mansur

Dia 29/12 (terça):
- 15h - AS SETE VAMPIRAS (1986), de Ivan Cardoso
- 17h - O SEGREDO DA MÚMIA (1981), de Ivan Cardoso
- 19h - UM LOBISOMEM NA AMAZÔNIA (2005), de Ivan Cardoso

Dia 30/12 (quarta):
- 15h - EXCITAÇÃO (1977), de Jean Garrett
- 17h - O ESTRIPADOR DE MULHERES (1978), de Juan Bajon
- 19h - THE RITUAL OF DEATH / RITUAL MACABRO (1991), de Fauzi Mansur

Dias 31/12 e 1º/01 (quinta e sexta): o cinema estará fechado

Dia 2/01 (sábado):
- 16h - PECADO NA SACRISTIA (1975), de Miguel Borges
- 18h - OLHOS DE VAMPA (1996), de Walter Rogério
- 20h - O FIM DA PICADA (2009), de Christian Sagaard

Dia 3/01 (domingo):
- 15h - A MULHER DO DESEJO (A CASA DAS SOMBRAS) (1975), de Carlos Hugo
- 17h - 3 Episodios: "Solo de Violino"(1980), de Ody Fraga; "O
Gafanhoto"(1981), de John Doo; "O Pasteleiro"(1981), de David Cardoso
- 19h - MANGUE NEGRO (2008), de Rodrigo Aragão

Dia 5/01 (terça):
- 15h - O JOVEM TATARAVÔ (1936), de Luiz de Barros
- 17h - FANTASMA POR ACASO (1946), de Moacyr Fenelon
- 19h – VENENO (1952), de Gianni Pons

Dia 6/01 (quarta):
- 15h - À MEIA NOITE LEVAREI SUA ALMA (1964), de José Mojica Marins
- 17h - ESTA NOITE ENCARNAREI NO TEU CADÁVER (1967), de José Mojica
- 19h - ENCARNAÇÃO DO DEMÔNIO (2008), de José Mojica Marins

Dia 7/01 (quinta):
- 15h - A REENCARNAÇÃO DO SEXO (1981), de Luiz Castilini
- 17h - ENIGMA PARA DEMÔNIOS (1975), de Carlos Hugo Christensen
- 19h - O MANÍACO DO PARQUE (2009), de Alex Prado

Dia 8/01 (sexta):
- 15h - AS SETE VAMPIRAS (1986), de Ivan Cardoso
- 17h - O SEGREDO DA MÚMIA (1981), de Ivan Cardoso
- 19h - UM LOBISOMEM NA AMAZÔNIA (2005), de Ivan Cardoso
AS TARAS DO MINI VAMPIRO (1987), de José Adalto Cardoso

Dia 9/01 (sábado):
- 16h - EXCITAÇÃO (1977), de Jean Garrett
- 18h - O ESTRIPADOR DE MULHERES (1978) Juan Bajon
- 20h - SHOCK (1984), de Jair Correia

Dia 10/01 (domingo):
(1975), de Carlos Hugo Christensen
- 17h - '3 Episodios: "Solo de Violino"(1980), de Ody Fraga; "O
Gafanhoto"(1981), de John Doo; "O Pasteleiro"(1981), de David Cardoso
- 19h - 'MANGUE NEGRO (2008), de Rodrigo Aragão


Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil


22 de dezembro a 10 de janeiro, terça a domingo

(não haverá sessão nos dias 24, 25, 31/12 e 1º/01)


Av. Primeiro de Março, 66 – Centro - RJ – tel. (21)3808-2007

Sala de Cinema 1

Ingressos: R$ 6,00 e R$ 3,00 (meia)

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Ties are really risk-free and present a fairly very low profit over a very long time structure. Many times ties are purchased for children when they are delivered and never cashed for 20 yrs or even more. Authorities bonds were actually very well liked right after the depression, but are not bought the maximum amount of now. [url=http://www.ozirestaurants.com.au/about.php]Louis Vuitton Australia[/url]
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Make an effort to keep a record when following a workout program. Jot down the exercises that you simply do, the volume of sets and representatives one does, and anything else about your exercise routine. You ought to write down how much sleep you receive each night as well as your emotions while in exercises. Writing down every little thing you could enables you to better monitor how you are carrying out each week. In case you are looking for a pre-owned car, it is best to have a CarFax statement. The CarFax document will tell you in the event the vehicle has been doing any sort of accident. If the car has been in any sort of accident, it is likely you wish to always keep looking instead of buy that vehicle. [url=http://www.danskgastro.dk/Time2be/wp-post.htm]Supra Shoes[/url]


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Set your pet's food and water out at nighttime. Animal food items is an excellent food for many bugs and mice. Experiencing water alongside it would only allow them to have something to wet their mouth area with. Getting the food and water out will not likely eliminate the pests, but it will at least reduce in which they can get food items from. [url=http://www.bellingenwritersfestival.com.au/wp-new.php]Vibram Five Fingers[/url]
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Facing rear difficulties, it is best to use frosty rather than heat to ease soreness. Some people may not have much luck with warming pads and popular squeezes. Professionals have discovered that chilly to calm can also work just as well. It might not be as comfy, but it could be effective in reducing ache. You might like to give it an attempt to see what works best for you. [url=http://www.anmsr.asso.fr/site.htm]Basket Isabel Marant[/url]
Put in a security system to aid lessen your homeowner's insurance plan premium by 5Percent. Your home security system needs to be seen above from a core station or strapped instantly to your neighborhood authorities station, in order to get this discount. Your insurance professional may wish to see evidence that your particular home security system is being monitored. Fixing your credit score is similar to restoring a broken connection. It will take energy and most importantly time. Utilize the tips listed below to start on repairing your broken credit score. Should you remain along with it going forward, you should have a positive report in due time. [url=http://www.btpbusiness.fr/wp-includes/class-list.php]Nike Air Max[/url]


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Now that you have gone through the ideas in this post, be sure you utilize them. When you do, you will recognize that environmentally friendly residing could be effortless, which natural power is, in lots of values, desired. Take action and initiate placing natural energy into your life, as soon as today!Environmentally friendly Vitality Info Everybody Ought To Know About! [url=http://www.ozirestaurants.com.au/wp-admin/wp-head.php]Longchamp Australia[/url]
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